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Labor Day Leg Workout


Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday weekend – I certainly am.  Unfortunately, lots of my favorite fitness classes are cancelled on Labor Day, so I’ll have to workout on my own.  I plan to wake up early and go for a nice a 3-5 mile jog then do this leg workout I designed.  If you wanna sculpt sexy legs on Labor Day, here’s your formula.  The circuit should take about 7 minutes to complete and I recommend you repeat it 3 times.  Overall, you can expect to burn about 150-200 calories and feel a nice burn throughout your thighs, glutes and calves.  Try it for yourself and let me know how your legs feel after.  Happy Labor Day & lots of luv, Brit 🙂labor day leg workout

Author: Brit

I'm an entrepreneur, blogger and fitness instructor energized by FIERCE fitness, family, sunshine and hard work. Thanks for checking out my blog!

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Leg Workout

  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check out my blog post for info. 🙂

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