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GRIT by Brit BOOT CAMP Workout


Welcome to my Boot Camp - drop and give me 50!

Welcome to my Boot Camp – drop and give me 50!

Happy “Keep-it-Tight Tuesday!”  Last Sunday, I survived a triple header teaching 3 classes in 1 day = Boot camp, TurboKick and Indoor Cycling.  My legs are on fire today which tells me that the workouts were effective.  I’m especially proud of the boot camp workout I designed, so I wanted to share it with you guys! It’s a hardcore, 1 hour workout.  To complete it, you will need 2 medium dumbbells (about 8 pounds each) and a step/low bench.  Most of the exercises are complex movements, which means you work 2 major muscle groups at the same time – super efficient.  Also, there are various cardio intervals included in each working set.  Finally, I tacked on 5 minutes of ab work at the finale!

Be sure to stretch and drink plenty of water after the workout to prevent sore muscles.  Enjoy and let me know how it goes!  Lots of luv, Britboot camp


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I'm an entrepreneur, blogger and fitness instructor energized by FIERCE fitness, family, sunshine and hard work. Thanks for checking out my blog!

6 thoughts on “GRIT by Brit BOOT CAMP Workout

  1. that looks like a killer workout! i will check it out!

  2. A good one thank!

  3. Thats a well structured workout Brit, looks very tough, will be giving this a go in my next workout, thank you for sharing
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