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Can Eating Before a Workout be Beneficial?

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I love this blog. Ladies and Gents, check out these awesome pre-workout snacks from Bella Froza Fitness. I often workout on an empty stomach because that’s what I always did in high school and college before volleyball and basketball games. But having a clean, pre-workout snack can really enhance performance and increase calorie burn. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Lots of luv, Brit

Own Your Strong by Bella Forza Fitness



           Many people have heard that exercising on an empty stomach may burn more fat rather than if you eat before hand, especially in the mornings. However, studies have shown that exercising without eating prior to working-out causes your body to take away form lean muscle mass and hold onto the stubborn fat that we all want to loose. You need energy to workout and without the fuel that food gives to your body; you’re running on nothing but fumes.

          Pre-workout eating usually means grabbing a healthy snack about 30-60 minutes in advance, depending on its size and contents, and how hungry you are. This is not saying you should eat a full 3-course meal before you workout or running out the door with a Pop-Tart, but eating a light and healthy snack before lacing up to workout will do the trick! There are certain things that…

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One thought on “Can Eating Before a Workout be Beneficial?

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