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Trim, Tone and Tighten Your Triceps!



Hey hey GRIT Gang!  I don’t have much to say about this workout except, “JUST DO IT!”  Your sleeveless tops and dresses will thank you 🙂  All you need are 2 light/medium dumbbells (about 5-8 pounds).  This workout totally works your triceps through a combination of body weight isometric training and dynamic dumbbell moves.   No need to worry about bulking up because I uniquely designed the workout with high reps and low weight!  However, you WILL be sore after, so be sure to stretch and work your opposite muscles (biceps) as well.  Enjoy and lots of luv!  -Brit

20 Minute TRICEP Tighten


Author: Brit

I'm an entrepreneur, blogger and fitness instructor energized by FIERCE fitness, family, sunshine and hard work. Thanks for checking out my blog!

9 thoughts on “Trim, Tone and Tighten Your Triceps!

  1. Do you have a good bicep work out?

  2. Tried this today. I used 15 pound weights. Girl this was killer! I’ll be doing it 3 times a week and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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