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Sexy Chica Chest Workout for Women


chest workout for women

I hope you guys have enjoyed the targeted workouts I’ve been posting lately.  In case you missed, here are a couple from the last few weeks:

Keeping on the trend of upper body workouts for women, here’s a new chest workout I designed with the ladies in mind (although men will enjoy it as well).  For best results, complete the entire circuit using 8-20 pound dumbbells, depending on your strength.  You’ll notice that this workout has bench press “negatives” in it.  Just perform a basic, lying dumbbell bench press but push the weights up quickly and then bring them down to starting position very slowly, controlling the resistance on the way down (count to 3 slowly to make sure you are moving at the right pace.)  As always, add a little cardio and stretching to the end of the workout.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.  Lots of luv, Brit

chest workout for women


Author: Brit

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11 thoughts on “Sexy Chica Chest Workout for Women

  1. These are all great, but I am also looking for a good leg workout. What do you recommend?

  2. Yes Brittani,
    I try to read each and every post .im do proud of you . Keep them coming. Also I like your name on your workout gear .!!

    Way to go – woo Hoo !!
    ❤Aunt Jo

  3. This morning I did the original chest workout you posted, but I can’t wait to try yours next Tuesday!

  4. I tried it today! and I definitely felt it 🙂 tomorrow will be sore. Thank you!
    Question though: how to do the chest fly top and bottom half? I think I did the regular chest fly .

    • Glad you gave it a shot! So on the “Top Half” just bring the weights down to a 45 degree angle, then back up to touch each other, with your arms straight and palms facing each other. On the “Bottom Half” extend your arms straight out by your sides with palms facing up, then raise the weights up just to 45 degrees (like the letter V) then lower them back out to the bench level. I hope this is helpful!

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