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Meet Brit

Hey gang!  I’m Brit, a 29 year old, working woman from the great state of Texas.  Thanks so much for checking out my blog.  In case you can’t tell, I love all things joyful, fierce and fitness related.  I write most of my posts after long days at work or on the weekends and they help keep me accountable for living a healthy lifestyle – I have to practice what I preach 😉

I’ve learned that pushing myself through intense physical fitness makes me better in all aspects of my life – my corporate career, relationships, spirituality and mental health.  As a former captain of the Cornell University Women’s Varsity Basketball team,  I’ve always had to focus on my physical fitness and mental GRIT.  While I’m no longer a college basketball player, I am a full-time corporate consultant and a part-time group fitness instructor for W Hotels and 24 Hour Fitness in Dallas, TX!

As you follow my blog, I encourage you to believe that no matter your goals, your ability to succeed solely depends on your mental GRIT. The human body, when pushed and nourished, is truly amazing! So no more excuses – if we want to develop and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle we CAN do it!

Today, I challenge you to NAME it, CLAIM it and DO it #GRIT!

Be blessed,



  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA): Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Schwinn: Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Les Mills: Certified GRIT Series Coach
  • Beach Body: Certified Turbo Kick Instructor
  • Beach Body: Certified PiYo STRENGTH Instructor
  • Heart Savers Inc: CPR


  • MBA, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
  • BS, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


29 thoughts on “Meet Brit

  1. Get it Brit!! I’ll be following you:)

    thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Brittany!! Such a cool blog! I am bracing myself for when you post a set of 400s as the workout of the day… haha. Looking forward to following, and if you’re ever interested in having a guest post on a nutrition topic from a registered dietitian/former bball teammate, let me know… I’d love to contribute! Best of luck 🙂

  3. Britt!! You never cease to impress me. This is so cool! Your toned arms alone are enough to get me to pay attention to your awesome advice. Get it girl! BFK 4 LIFE! Also…do you know anything about the Tracy Anderson Method? Was thinking about trying out her “metamorphosis” 90 day program. What is the word on the street?

    • Ash Rat! What’s up girl – BFK 4 LIFE! I’ve never tried the Tracy Anderson Method but I’ll do some research and check it out and let you know 🙂

  4. So hot Love it – May even wake up early to workout sometime soon – it is still so hard to get in to it. I bet once your there it is easier to manage your life, but starting is so hard 🙂

  5. Hey Brit,

    Congrats on the site! It looks great. Now if I just get my butt together for this wedding!

    -Nicole L. HBS’10

  6. hey Brit! found your site via facebook- love it!

  7. Hey Brit! It was great meeting you on Friday. I absolutely love your blog! Since finding your blog, I’ve been incorporating some of your workouts into my workout schedule, and my skinny jeans have definitely been fitting much better ever since : )

  8. Hey Brit. Congrats! You look incredible. Keep it up….I’ll be reading.

  9. Hey Brit, thanks for following me! I love the energy of your blog! Love the passion for fitness as well. Stay hot and stay fit girl!

  10. Hey Brit,
    What advice do you have for someone in their early 50 to tone, build muscles and lose about 10 pounds? I am a pear shaped woman, carrying my weight in my hips, I am 6 ft tall. Also, diet what do you suggest? Thank you in advance for you reply

    • Hi Didi! Thanks so much for you comment. I encourage you to really be mindful of your diet if your desire is to lose a few pounds. Specifically this means drinking plenty of water and eating a LOT of fruits and vegetables. To achieve your goals, I suggest that you do some form of cardio exercise 4 days per week and some sort of weight training 2 days per week. Also, keep you calorie intake low around 1600-1800 per day. All the best to you 🙂

  11. Keep on with your grit, Brit! Hope all is well.

    Joe Match

  12. Love that top you are wearing above.

  13. Het Brit! I see you’re a vegetarian but still have great muscle tone. I know that vegetables do have plenty of protein and everything, and that most of the protein obsession in peoples lives is unnecessary. I do however have a question. I too recently became a vegetarian, I enjoy lifting weights, and doing high intensity cardio training. It seems harder to build and maintain muscle since becoming a vegetarian. Any suggestions or tips?

    • Hi Cristina~! So good to hear from you – so I actually do take Whey protein supplment often. I use the powder and mix it in my water bottle after all strength workouts. Also, I consumer several vegetarian protien options: hummus, chia, beans, peanut butter, almost, lentils. I’m actually working on a post (as week speak) about good vs. bad supplements. So please stay tuned. Keep in touch – lots of luv, Brit

  14. I normally dont respond to blogs but I REALLY am inspired and encouraged by yours. I wanted to ask though, I am not an “exercise” person. I love pilates, but sweating is not my thing! LOL! I have recently started walking, trying to do at least 1 mile a day, but out of shape, overweight and menopausal. I try to eat clean, having a mostly vegetarian diet with meat twice a week. I dont like water but know that is important so trying to do so more often. I wanted to know do you think that I can do the Grit by Brit exercises (no health restrictions) or that I should work my way up to that. Nothing I do right now seems to help me lose the weight and I am frustrated. My dad had diabetes and alot of health concerns due to being overweight and I dont want to follow after him in that. I appreciate any suggestions.

    • Hi Beth – Thanks so much for reaching out to me! I can totaly empathize with several of your lifestyle preferences. I also try to live a healthy lifestyle but still often struggle to maintain my ideal weight. Ultimately, I have learned that portion control is the single most important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight. I was a vegetarian for a while too, and I actually gained 10 punds because I was eating too many carbs 😦 Honestly, what I would recommend for is the following: Drink 2 liters of water everyday, get 3 sweaty 30 minute workouts in 3 days per week (the GRIT by Brit workouts are great options) and get 8 hours of sleep every night. Try these habits as a starting point and I truly think you will be on your way to long term success. Please keep in touch with me! Much love to you. -Brit 😉

  15. Hi Brit! I’ve been following you for a while now, you have some great posts! I love your header too! One question- or 2 for ya, do you have a favorite certification? Do you plan to get another? Oops another question, do you suggest one cert that every fitness professional should have? I have my ACSM-CPT and AAHF-JrFit. I plan to get my CSCS and maybe a few coaching certs. But I’m always looking out for suggestions.

    • Hey there! I’ve been well. How are you? Thanks for following my blog and your kind words. My favorite certification for group fitness is AFAA (aerobics and fitness association of america) – my favorite for personal training is ACE or NASCM – these are the largest, most reputable certifying agencies. There’s also a lot of speciality training. For those, I would only get certified in formats that you are truly passionate about or that your employer requires you to have. GOOD LUCK on your fitness leadership journey and keep in touch. Lots of luv, Brit

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